A Few Warwicks

Love / Hate Relationship

Need a bass with midrange growl? This sound is characteristic of Warwick basses and where they excel. In general terms the best basses were made prior to 1991. The models shown above are:

'9x white custom Dolphin 5 with red LEDs (sold),
'90 Dolphin Pro I with factory Barolini pickups (middle left),
'90 Streamer Stage II with green LEDs (bottom left) this one is a keeper,
'00 Infinity Ltd (top right - traded),
'94 Thumb bass - neckthrough (bottom right, sold).

There was a wide variation in neck profile after 1991. I've played some Warwicks that had baseball bat necks; very uncomfortable. Fortunately, if one is patient and careful, it is possible to find Warwicks that feature exceptional necks. I was very lucky to find the instruments above.