Steinberger XL2

Steingberger XL2

Ahhh the virtues of the licorice stick. Doesn't it evoke memories? This is another company that Gibson acquired and ran into the ground, but original vintage Steinberger basses are commanding high prices from collectors and players alike. Specifics:

Steinberger XL2 (or XL2A) headless bass
Black composite (plastic) body and neck
Neck-through model
EMG soapbar pickups
2-band 9-volt preamp
Black hardware
34" scale
Weight ~8 pounds
Unique floating strap system
Fold out knee rest (for playing while sitting)

The secret to the success of this fine instrument is due mainly to the magic composite formula that Ned Steinberger came up with and created this instrument from. He certainly deserves real credit for this success where so many others had failed miserably.

What a great instrument. I can't believe that I sold this bass. Mine had a glow-in-the-dark crescent moon on the bridge assembly. It's immediately recognizable so if you find it please contact me. Thanks.