Gibson-era Tobias

Tobias Classic

Mike Tobias sold his interests in Tobias basses to Gibson in the early '90s and production moved to Gnashville (as Mike himself calls it). Instruments manufactured during this era were certainly hit-or-miss propositions. As with all Gibson acquisitions the name and product quality slips away into obscurity: reference Steinberger, Trace Elliot just to name a few. What a travesty.

Here is a Tobias Classic from early on in the Gibson era (~'92 or '93). I loved this bass. It had a wonderful light weight, excellent balance and a great tone that really cut through. With this instrument Gibson seemed to get everything right. Here are the details:

Tobias Classic
Walnut body with quilt maple top
Maple neck with purpleheart stringers
Rosewood fretboard
Neck-through model
34" scale
Tobias 9-volt 3-band preamp
Tobias soapbar pickups
All black Tobias hardware
Weight below 8 pounds
Made in Gnashville, ~1992
Condition: minor wear
Accessories: hardshell case

This bass was the other part of my trade for the Wal fretless MkII. It was a decent instrument. If you can find one of these in good condition that plays right and where the fit and finish is right it would be worth owning.