Warwick Infinity NT

The Infinity

The Infinity is the only hollow-bodied instrument that I own. I found this particular instrument in a local shop, badly in need of a setup and cleaning, for an extremely good price. For me, it disproves the notion that the only good Warwicks are the older ones. The quality of this instrument far exceeded my expectations and with a proper setup it is among my favourites to play. If desired it can sound exactly like a Thumb bass but without the extra weight and neck dive. The stock BassLines preamp is very well-suited to this instruments and adds versatility that would not otherwise be there. Here are the particulars:

Warwick Infinity NT
Birdseye maple top
Bubinga body
Maple neck with rosewood fretboard
Neck-through model
34" scale
hand-rubbed oil finish
BassLines 9-volt 3-band preamp with coil split, slap contour
MEC HJ pickups
All hardware is black
Weight below 8 pounds
Condition: new
Made in West Germany, 2000, limited edition
Accessories: gigbag, neck wrench, wax, DR strings

If you're after a Warwick bass, this model is highly recommended. I recently traded this bass to "Bass Viking" for the Dingwall.