Peavey Cirrus


Here's a US-made bass that is a pleasure to gig with and truly sounds great. When I leave my Wal basses at home, this is one of a few instruments (like the Dingwall) that I can take to a gig and still manage to come away satisfied. I did not suspect that I would enjoy playing this bass so much. It has a nice woody and warm tone, with a tighter B string than I have found on many production instruments. It's also a real workhorse providing a versatilility that ranges from punchy PBass tones right through to modern boutique Jazz bass sounds. This particular instrument includes:

Wenge facings
Walnut body
Walnut neck with maple stringers
Neck-through design
3-band 18volt preamp
Brushed gold hardware
35" scale

For the money, if you can find one of these used in the local consignment shop as I did, a Cirrus is nearly impossible to beat.

Four stars (out of five).