Warwick Dolphin Pro I

The Dolphin

Here is another of my Warwick basses, a Dolphin Pro I model also handcrafted in 1990. I purchased this bass from Jon Shishido when his "BunnyBass" effort was just beginning. Jon was very fond of this bass, just as I am. Although the looks are rather unusual, it is truly a joy to play and extremely versatile in it's capabilities. The Dolphin Pro I was the top-of-the-line model Warwick offered at the time, and this is a pristine example. Here are the details:

Warwick Dolphin Pro I
Boire rosewood body
Wenge neck & fretboard
Inlaid dolphin fret markers
Neck-through model
34" scale
hand-rubbed oil finish
MEC 9-volt 2-band preamp with coil splitter
Bartolini HJ pickups installed at the factory
All hardware is brushed platinum
Weight roughly 8.5 pounds
Condition: excellent
Handmade in West Germany, 1990
Accessories: flight case, gigbag, neck wrench, wax, DR strings

When this bass wants to be, it is possibly the most aggresive-sounding instrument I own; even moreso than a Wal. With the coil-tapped bridge pickup solo'ed and treble cranked this bass CAN shatter glass. But it's not the proverbial "one-trick-pony" either. This bass is even capable of an MTD-style sweetness and blends well in virtually any scenario. Not your typical Warwick indeed and another bass that I am truly privileged to own.