'78 Fender Jazz Bass

Trusty Jazz Bass

This bass came from the local consignment shop not too long ago. I was looking for a Jazz in decent shape and there's something about this instrument that really appealed to me. It certainly wasn't the neck which is fairly large by Jazz standard, but with a little adjustment it seems to have everything one would expect. One could guess that this bass spent a lot of Canadian winter nights in the truck only to be loaded directly into a toasty-warm room. The body is extremely checked as a result, but that gives it a truly serious mojo.

I viewed Jazz bass players as "the other camp", at least back in the '60s, and while I had tried a few of these out, I could not find the one that I really wanted. While the extra versatility was appealing, to me they lacked the solid punchiness of a Precision. Anyhow I am now officially in both camps having one of each.