Tobias Signature

The Tobias Signature

I was certainly fortunate to secure this instrument which appears to be the last California-made Tobias bass assembled by the original crew, serial number 2044. This bass is proof of why Mike Tobias is regarded as one of, if not "the", finest bass luthiers on the planet.

This model is a "Signature" which was the top of the Tobias range. The tone is very unique with lots of midrange character, a sweet top end (without excessive brightness) and wonderfully warm and articulate lows with an especially tight-sounding "B" string.

The asymmetrical neck is Mike's signature and it makes this bass very comfortable to play. Something tells me that I'll be hanging on to this instrument for a while longer.

* Note however that this bass is controversial. It seems that there is another 2044 out there, which likely the "real" one. Duplicate numbers? I had discussed this with Mike Tobias at the time of my purchase from "Bass World" (where it was billed as the "last California Tobias"). Mike had me pull the pickups and the information underneath seems to indicate that this one is "period correct". Regardless, it is a wonderful intrument that I have no plans to sell.